About Us

About Us

The self-proclaimed “Foodminati” consists of Taco Mell’s Jermelle Henderson & Bleu Kitchen’s Calvin Johnson. The brunch menu aims to please with original dishes like The ocho burrito with lobster, chicken sausage, shrimp, bell peppers, spinach, eggs, etouffee sauce, and smoked gouda cheese sauce.

Since early 2019, these two brands tested a breakfast and lunch menu on willing fans, with dishes that resonate with the group’s South LA-style and some nods to soul food. There’s a taco omelette, waffles with brown sugar butter, three kinds of seafood paired with grits, and the crowd-pleasing lobster and waffles.

These Instagram stars are well-known for initially operating out of their homes before making the the jump to food truck or brick-and-mortar. They built massive followings by utilizing Instagram.

The futures only bright for these young Instagram sensations already who have plans of opening up more Court Cafe’s across the U.S. soon.

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